Meet the Judges – Erin Larkin

July 30, 2021

Robert Diletti


We’re thrilled to welcome back Erin Larkin, a previous Geographe Wine Show judge, and all around great supporter of and advocate for the region. Erin is an independent wine writer, judge and presenter based in Perth, WA. She is the Western Australian Regional Expert for the James Halliday Wine companion, and a regular contributor to the Wine Companion Magazine. Erin has had a weekly wine column since 2014, currently in The Post Newspaper, is a prolific presenter and educator across multiple platforms and is an active Australian wine show judge.

With WSET3 under her belt, she has just recently qualified as a Barossa Wine School Specialist Educator. Erin is a judge for the Australian Wine List of the Year and the China Wine List of the Year Awards, for the eighth consecutive year in 2021. With years of experience talking wine on talkback radio and hosting events for a wide range of clients, Erin has a keen eye and enduring curiosity for quality and creativity in wine, marrying classic and contemporary perspectives.

We asked Erin some of our most burning wine related questions – check out her responses below!


What was the last show stopping wine you drank?
Tough question, I’ve had a lot of great wines recently. I’m currently drinking a glass of Frankland Estate Poison Hill Riesling 2020, and it’s incredible. At $45 really epic value for money. This will live for 30 years or drink beautifully tonight. I bought a box of the Aylesbury Gamay Q05 Gamay (Ferguson Valley) in January – I’ve drunk them all now but they were sensational. Really brilliant wine.

What is your go to food and wine pairing?
Champagne and oysters. But will also take Fiano and chips. Or champagne and chips. Or chardonnay and sourdough…

Earliest memory of wine?
Sitting on dad’s lap after I’d snuck out of bed at one of their dinner parties. I crept onto his lap and he asked me to smell his wine glass and tell me what I could smell. I said peaches. It was chardonnay. He was very impressed with me. I was about 8. It reminds me always to search for the words I mean, and not get lazy and just put in any old thing.

What gets you excited about the Geographe wine region?
The value for money. There is a swag of brilliant wines made here, and made from grapes grown here, and it still, as a whole, represents excellent value for money. It’s exciting.

What’s the most interesting part of wine judging for you?
“The opportunity to see all the wines side by side. Not every producer will send their wines in to a wine writer for comment, so I don’t get to see them all. But at a show I can understand what variety a region is making a lot of, or I can see what winemakers think they should be making. It’s a meta view, from a very specific viewpoint, and I love it.”

Stay tuned for our next profile, on Associate Judge, Jacopo Dalli Cani