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Entry in the Geographe Wine Show implies exhibitor agreement with the conditions of entry for each class and Wine Show Regulations as set out in this document.

  1. A nomination fee of $44.00 inc. for Geographe Wine Industry Association Incorporated (GWIA) members and $55.00 inc. for non-GWIA members per exhibit, is payable at the time of nomination.
    To be eligible exhibitor MUST have lodged an APC return with regard to the previous year’s vintage and paid any associated levies due
    Nomination forms and fees payable must be received by Friday 23rd August 2021


  2. A wine can only be entered into one class at the show. Unless otherwise specified each entry must consist of four (4) 750ml bottles. Wines must be in their commercially available and labelled bottles. The Minimum stock quantity to be held is 20 cases (or 240 bottles, 180 litres) for each wine entered into the show, unless otherwise specified.

Commercially Available means that the minimum stock requirement of the wine is held at time of production and intended for commercial sale.
All entries are at Exhibitor’s risk until the end of the Wine Show when entries become property of the Wine Show Committee

  1. Geographe Classes are open to wines produced from wine grapes of which at least 85% by volume is grown in Geographe Wine Region of WA.  WA classes are open to wines produced from wine grapes of which at least 85% by volume is grown in Western Australia.
  2. The commercial name of the wine MUST appear on the entry form
  3. In all classes wine must contain at least 85% of the varieties specified
  4. The amount of wine held in stock must be shown on the entry form for each wine entered. Variety/varieties of each wine entered must be specified on entry form. Percentages are required for those wines entered into the “Blend” classes.
  5. A “blend” is a wine in which the proportions of 2 or more varieties make up 85% of the volume of the wine and where no variety listed as part of the blend, constitutes less than 5% of the blend
  6. Additives and contents of all wines submitted must conform to the P4 Standards
  7. The Wine Show Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry, to question exhibitors on details of entry and to change entries to a more appropriate class if required. If a more appropriate class is not available the wine will be withdrawn without refund.
  8. Entered wines may be subject to a random audit. The committee reserves the right to request production licenses and or sales records in order to verify the eligibility of nominated wines. In all ‘classes’ the stock level and label requirements as stated on the entry form may be inspected and checked by a representative of the committee or a nominee appointed by the committee
  9. Any person submitting a wine into the show must have the authority of the wine maker or wine company involved in the production of the wine. Confirmation of this may be requested if the person entering the wine is not the wine maker or a principal, executive or employee of the said company
  10. A Wine Show label will be posted to exhibitors in early September and must be attached to one bottle per entry prior to despatch
  11. Exhibits MUST be delivered designated depots, which will be detailed in the letter accompanying your labels
  12. Judging will take place in Bunbury commencing Wednesday 15 September 2021 at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre
  13. All exhibitors shall accept the decision of the judges appointed by the Committee as final
  14. Medal awards will be determined based on the 100 point system
  15. Marks are awarded for each medal achieved by a wine, GOLD = 95 to 100 points, SILVER = 90 to 94.5 points, and BRONZE = 85 to 89.5
  16. To qualify for a Trophy the wine must be awarded a gold medal in the eligible classes. To qualify for an Award the wine must be awarded at least a bronze medal in the eligible classes
  17. Trophies will be awarded to the highest pointed Gold Medal Awarded wine from the eligible classes. In the event that the scores are tied, the Chief Judge is advised, and a taste off is conducted. The trophy is then awarded to the wine that the Chief Judge and panel deem to be the best from that taste off
  18. Points for the most successful exhibitor trophy will be awarded on the scale of Gold 95 to 100 points, Silver 90 to 94.5 points and Bronze 85 to 89.5 points. In the event of a tie, a count back of Gold Awards; if still a tie, a count back of Silver Awards. If still a tie, the Chief Judge’s decision will be final
  19. Nicholas Baudin Trophy for Excellence in Winemaking. This trophy will be based on the accumulated medal scores for wines made by a winemaker from at least 85% Geographe grapes, entered into three of the categories in which an award can be given
  20. Only the highest medal score in each of three categories counts towards the Trophy Result. The highest possible result for this trophy is therefore 300 points for three GOLDS over three categories
  21. If one or more winemakers have the same medal score then the Trophy will be awarded to the winemaker whose eligible exhibits received the highest achievement at the Wine Show
  22. A sticker promoting a medal achievement can only be applied to the wine bearing the name under which it was entered and exhibited
  23. Stickers to promote medal achievements by an individual wine must bear the name of the wine show, year of award and the class. The colours of such stickers should be in accordance with standard wine show procedures, e.g. Gold, Silver and Bronze
  24. Trophies received by a class of wines (e.g. ‘Winemaker of the Year’, ‘Most Successful Exhibitor’) shall not be used to suggest that any individual wine has received any particular distinction. These trophies will not be presented on the bottle in the form of a medal
  25. No exhibitor shall advertise or allow to be advertised by any means whatsoever, whether by broadcasting, pictorially, or in writing, the fact that any exhibit has won any prize in this Show unless such advertisement shows clearly:
  26. The name Geographe & WA Alternative Varieties Wine Show and year of Show
  27. Full name of award or trophy that has been achieved by a specific wine
  28. Any competitor making improper use of awards won at the Geographe & WA Alternative Varieties Wine Show for advertising purposes may be disqualified from any future show or shows
  29. As a condition of entering this show , trophy and/or award winning exhibitors will be requested to supply 1 (one) dozen bottles of the Trophy and/or Award winning wine(s) at a cost of $140 per dozen, or at wholesale price (whichever is least)
  30. The Results for all classes from this wine show will be available electronically on this website.