The Geographe Wine Region

In 1999 a new and exciting wine region was named Geographe after the tall ship ‘Le Geographe’ which was the original vessel captained by French explorer Nicolas Baudin when he discovered the bay in 1801 with his colleague Jacques Hamelin.
This diverse region with Geographe Bay along it’s coastal strip covers the area from Harvey and Preston Beach in the north to Busselton in the south and inland to the rolling hills of the Darling Range. With over 1,200 hectares of established vines dating back to the 1970’s the area is a significant producer of grapes for the wine industry in Western Australia.

The consistent climate and good winter rainfall make the Geographe region extremely well suited to many different varieties of grapes and it is becoming increasingly well known for its outstanding success with wines made from semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz grapes.

Geographe produces generous fruit driven wines with a good degree of elegance. Seek out intimate cellar door venues run by generous owner operators and find out firsthand about the hand crafted wines you are sampling. Taste the difference of wines carefully made to capture the essence of the place in which the grapes were grown. the wines from Geographe are authentic reflections of the soil, and the Mediterranean
climate. Warm days and cool nights – perfect for capturing concentrated flavours in the wines.

Geographe has four distinct wine-producing districts, Harvey, Ferguson Valley, Donnybrook and Capel. These embody a range of soil types but it is the influence of the cooling afternoon sea breezes off the Geographe Bay that drives the wine style that is distinctively Geographe.


Includes Harvey, Myalup and Preston Beach.

Ferguson Valley

Includes Ferguson, Dardanup, Henty, Paradise, Burekup, Crooked Brook  and Wellington Mills


Includes Donnybrook, Brookhampton, Lowden, Mumbalup, Newlands, Yabberup and Noggerup.


Includes Capel, the Capel River Valley through to  Busselton’


The Geographe Wine Industry Association Inc.

The Geographe Wine Industry Association was established in 1999 as the regional industry’s peak representative body.

The vision of the Association is to provide, without exception, balanced and fair representation to the benefit of the members. The organisation must also develop and effect unbiased policy for the betterment of the Geographe Wine Region. Our strength will always remain with the high representation and continued support of all members.


To improve public and industry awareness of the Geographe Wine Region such that by 2015 the Geographe Wine Region will be the second most well know wine region in Western Australia.

To provide an umbrella organisation for co-operative marketing effort for the wine producers and growers in the Geographe Wine Region who would not otherwise have the singular expertise or resources to effect substantial marketing initiatives.

In so doing provide leverage to wine producers and grape growers alike to improve individual sustainability and in turn improve their individual position in an increasingly competitive market place.

GWIA is led by an elected Board made up of members of the Association.

Committee members include:

President    Sue Ward    Angelicus Wines

Treasurer:  Merv Hart   Ferguson Hart Estate